Metropolitan Computers and Supplies

Servicing all of your tech needs


  • Hardware and software product solutions
  • Pre-sales
  • Project Management
  • Financial Services


  • Fast Sydney Metro Servicing
  • Australia wide courier coverage
  • Specialised freight options


  • Image and application services
  • Installation and provisioning
  • Custom system configurations
  • Asset Tagging and labelling
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Tailored service options


  • End User Compute
  • IT Peripherals
  • Datacentre infrastructure
  • Racks and Storage
  • Collaboration/Unified Communications

Asset lifecycle management services

  • Data migration
  • De-installation
  • Data destruction
  • Removal
  • Recycling
  • Asset buy-back and valuation


  • 3PL Services
  • Inventory management
  • Buffer stock agreements
  • Inbound and Outbound handing

Metropolitan Computers & Supplies is the best computer store in Australia for a reason. With the best HP laptop prices in Australia, lightning-fast logistics, asset-lifecycle management services, tailored configuration options, financial services and deployment: we’re here to service all your computer needs.

Our experienced customer service representatives are on hand to manage your entire journey.

We can help direct you to the best HP laptops for sale and software product solutions to solve your unique business puzzles, as well as offer project management and financial services to get your team up and running.

Once you’ve picked the computer supplies, we can help you set up your business tech to work harder and smarter.

We can help you with end-user computing to better integrate your end users into the computing environment, IT peripherals, racks and storage, and organisation of your data centre infrastructure. Plus, we can help with your collaboration and unified communications.

We don’t just drop off your computer supplies. We’ll help you organise your new technology so you can achieve the most streamlined outcome for your business.

Whether it be image and application services, installation and provisioning, custom system configurations, asset tagging and labelling, documentation and reporting or other tailored service options – we’ll help you get the most out of your business.

Asset lifecycle management services
We can help you optimise asset operations, maintenance and performance to maximise the operational efficiencies of your business.

We can help with data migration, de-installation, data destruction, removal, recycling and asset buy-back and valuation.

Logistic & Warehousing
Our national distribution centre allows us to offer fast Sydney metro servicing for your computer supplies, Australia-wide courier coverage and specialised freight options.

Ongoing customers can work with our experts to organise buffer stock agreements, and we’ll help with 3PL Services, inventory management and inbound and outbound handling.

Hardware, Software and Services procurement

  • Access to any brands
  • Cloud/Subscription services ready
  • Pre-sales validation
  • Project management available
  • Financial Solutions available on all sales

Shipping and delivery

  • Our own driver making two trips around Sydney Metro
  • We have an extended courier network for other metro and regional deliveries
  • Tailgate and sensitive freight options available
  • Right onsite services available
  • Product placement
  • Rubbish removal


  • Hardware upgrades
  • Operating system imaging installation
  • Across Microsoft and Apple
  • White glove service available
  • Printer / Network device configuration
  • Test / tag electrical cables
  • Asset tag and asset report (excel)

Just ask if you have a special requirement

Onsite deployment

  • Desktops
  • Notebooks
  • Monitors
  • Accessories
  • Printers
  • Servers
  • Software
  • Visual display
  • Networking
  • Datacentre rack and cooling

Asset recovery / buyback / refresh

  • Data migration
  • De-installation
  • Removal from site
  • Asset processing and valuation
  • Data / hard drive destruction

Depending on asset condition and market demand, you may get $$$ back

Project Warehousing

  • 3PL Services
  • Short or long term storage
  • Inventory management
  • Inbound and Outbound handing
  • Easy to sign up
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